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Rules and Policies

Every parent/guardian is expected to read and follow the rules of St. Croix Valley Dance Academy, LLC.



We have convenient, online registration! Visit our registration page for more information and simply click on the register now button to get enrolled today. Current customers can register via the parent portal. SCVDA requires that each dancer registers online or contacts us via phone or email.  When you register, you authorize us to debit your registration fees from the financial account you provided.


Participants in the program MUST be at least three years old by September 1, 2023.


Students will be placed in respective classes based upon prior dance experience and/or age and ability at the discretion of the instructor. We will work with you in order to find the proper class for your dancing needs.



Tuition is pro-rated and is based on approximately 30 weeks of actual dance instruction.  Ten (10) equal payments will be debited starting September 1 and ending on June 1 for those choosing to pay on a monthly basis.

Our preferred method of tuition includes your monthly dance charge along with a costume installment. We will assume, unless otherwise notified, that upon registration you agree to pay your tuition in this manner. Please contact the studio immediately if you would like to pay your tuition with the half-year or full-year option.  Applicable charges or discounts may apply.


Payments are the same whether there are two, three, four, or five classes that month. There are no refunds for cancellation of classes due to bad weather.

Tuition must be paid by one of the payment methods offered by SCVDA.

  • SCVDA reserves the right to drop any student for non-payment of their tuition.

  • Families with outstanding balances will not be able to purchase any recital tickets until all fees are paid in full.
  • Dancers with outstanding balances will not able to receive dance costumes or participate in the annual recital until all fees are paid in full.

  • If any student wishes to discontinue classes, a written notice is required one month in advance.

  • If you pre-pay and drop in the middle of the year, the balance remaining will be SCVDA credit good on tuition only. 


Communication Policy

Throughout the dance year, there will be several important dates, activities and information that will need to be communicated to parents and dancers. Electronic notification is our preferred method of communication and an email will be sent out to those of you who provided us with an email address. Please make sure you add SCVDA as a safe address on your email account. We may also provide handouts with important correspondence that will be given to your dancer at the end of his/her class. We will do our best to keep the website calendar updated. Please check inside the studio regularly to make sure that you are aware of any information that has been communicated. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to be informed of all upcoming dates and events. It is also the responsibility of the parents or adult students to inform the school of any address, telephone, or email address changes.



Attendance will be taken at each class and is extremely important in the progress of each dancer. Every week, the students will be learning new skills and choreography and unnecessary absences are a hindrance to the student, teacher and fellow classmates. If you know that you will not be attending class, please notify the studio by leaving a message prior to the start of your class. If you are injured, you are still welcome and encouraged to come and watch class. Absences from dance classes are non-refundable. Please make sure that students use the bathroom BEFORE class begins.


Drop-Out Policy

If for any reason your child stops dancing, you are expected to notify the dance program director immediately. A one month written notice must be given. If your child drops dance class after November 15th you will still be required to pay for the full costume fee and the costume is yours to keep when it arrives. Remember that BOTH the registration fee and the costume deposit are Non-Refundable.

Weather Policy

If the Baldwin-Woodville School District cancels school due to inclement weather, then all classes scheduled for that day will also be cancelled. If classes are cancelled due to weather or emergencies, we will be placing this information on WCCO and a message will be left on the studio phone. Please check your television, check the WCCO website or call the studio to determine whether classes have been cancelled. Refunds will not be issued in cases of inclement weather. We will attempt to make up dance classes if cancellations are excessive.


Holiday/School Days off Policy

The SCVDA does not necessarily follow the school calendar for holiday/days off. Please see our calendar page for the official dates. There are no classes on the following dates: Halloween Oct 31, Thanksgiving break November 20-24, Winter break December 22-January 7, Spring break March 11-15, Memorial Day Break May TBD. Classes are typically held the first week of June with Recital week taking place the second weekend of June. Final dates will be announced as soon as all dates are confirmed.


Parent Watch Weeks

Parent/s, guardians, friends etc…are not allowed inside the dance studio rooms to watch class. However, we often invite parents in to observe your child’s progress. We ask that you respect this policy as it is in the best interest of the dancers and instructors. The Baldwin and Roberts studios have viewing windows in the waiting room where parents are free to watch their child’s dance class. However, the instructor holds the right to close the shades if the waiting room becomes a distraction to the dancers. Please remember that the viewing windows and waiting rooms are a privilege.


Dress Code

Dancers are expected to arrive at the studio dressed in the appropriate dance wear and ready to dance at their scheduled start time. In order for each student to fully be able to participate in class and the learning experience, she/he should wear clothing that permits movement and allows instructors to easily view muscles and body lines making for significantly easier corrections. Hair must be pulled back and tied away from the face securely. Gum is not allowed inside the studio.

Shoe Requirements

Dancers are required to wear specific shoes for each class to ensure safety and ease of motion. For a complete list of shoe requirements, please call the studio or talk to your instructor. You will be able to purchase all shoes at the Open House in August. After the initial shoe sale in August, we have all dance shoes in stock at the Baldwin studio.  Your instructor or any staff member can assist you with try-on sizing and payment.



The dance instructors will determine the selection of recital costumes and will take all necessary measurements in October. Recital is not mandatory, but a costume is required for all dancers participating. Our preferred payment method for costumes is to include a small monthly installment with your dance tuition. All prices and information can be found on our Tuition page. If you choose to make a full year tuition payment, the price of costumes will be included.  Some costumes require parents to do a limited amount of sewing and piecing together. Price of costumes includes tights, accessories and/or any possible hair pieces.



All students are strongly encouraged to participate in our Annual Recital. The 2024 recital will tentatively be held the first or second week in June. As soon as we have the venue booked, we will communicate the official recital dates and time.  We will hand out detailed information packets to each family later this spring.  Mark your calendars to avoid any conflicts.  Participants with outstanding balances will not be allowed to purchase any recital tickets until the balance is paid in full. Tickets will go on sale in early spring.


Dress Rehearsal

A full dress rehearsal will be held right before our annual recital on the Monday and Tuesday of that week. Exact times and more details will be announced in early spring. This rehearsal gives dancers an opportunity to dance on stage in full costume and make-up prior to the recital. It is extremely important that all dancers attend the rehearsal. Individuals are welcome to take pictures and videotape the dress rehearsal.

Dance Pictures

Dance pictures will be taken in the Spring prior to recital. Our 2024 picture dates will be announced as soon as they are set. Pictures are typically scheduled on the same night as your normal dance class and a full, detailed schedule will be sent to all families well in advance. Berard Portrait Design out of Hudson, WI will take the pictures and parents have the option of purchasing a package of photos from the photographer. Even if you choose NOT to purchase a package, it is encouraged that your child takes part in the picture taking. Students will be required to wear their recital costumes and light make-up is recommended.


Photo Release

SCVDA is hereby granted permission to take photos of the students to use in social media, brochures, studio website, posters, advertisements, or other promotional material. Permission is also hereby granted for the studio to copyright such photos in our name.



The studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes. If a teacher is ill and cannot arrange a substitute, the missed classes will be made up.

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